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it all started in 2003


Buzz International started it's marketing division in 2003. The world started seeing a massive shift towards digital and online marketing around 2010 and as a result of that, Buzz Marketing a division of Buzz International was born.

Buzz Marketing started assisting clients to move their advertising efforts online in order to find better ways to reach their target audiences. Buzz marketing focusses on driving traffic to our client's websites with the focus on having visitors convert into leads and converting those leads into sales. The internet can be very confusing to most and we feel that it's our goal to remove the noise and dial websites in so that your visitors get what they need while browsing your website. Simplicity is key when it comes to driving better conversions and that is why we have spent thousands of hours working on what creates a highly converting website vs a low converting website.

After years of perfecting this recipe, we now pass that on to our valued clients.

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Maximise Conversions

Reduce Ad Spend

Increase Clicks

Boost Profit

The higher your conversions, the higher your profit margins

Its not just about increasing clicks, we also work closely with our clients to drive down the Cost Per Click through creating higher converting ads

We believe that sales is a numbers game. The more people who see your products and services, the higher chances you have to sell to them

Profit is what keeps your business in business & that's why we focus on making profit

At Buzz Marketing we put a lot of emphasis on Boosting Profit, Increasing Clicks, Maximising Conversions, While Reducing Ad Spend...

Buzz Marketing At Our Core


Buzz Wifi Marketing

Buzz Wifi Marketing helps clients with a physical store presence to collect data on behalf of their clients in order to automate their marketing. This is an extremely powerful way to build a database and deploy smart remarketing strategies; Once a specific client has been to your store, you can send those clients very targeted messages utilising the latest digital as well as artificial intelligence marketing automation strategies and advertisements that will follow them around online.

Buzz PPC Marketing

PPC Marketing focuses on Pay Per Click marketing. We specialise in helping clients to outrank their competitors, reduce their ad spend while increasing profit margins

Some More Buzz Products

Buzz Offers A Wide Range Of Digital Products and Services

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Buzz Design Suite

Buzz Design Suite was born when we worked closely with our clients as an agency and we realised the potential there was to easily create professional looking graphics, advertisements and designs. Not everyone have professional designers or glamorous software suits to their disposal. Buzz design Suite allows for every business owner, to create their own professional looking graphics in house, with little to no design experience whatsoever

Buzz File Management

Buzz File Share. With the ever demanding need to host files safely in the cloud, Buzz International developed their own file hosting cloud. This is something that any business need and Buzz File Share offers secure file management for our corporate clients, accessible anywhere in the world.

The Buzz Loyalti Solution was designed to create loyalty amongst your customers. In the past, only large corporations with deep pockets could afford their very own loyalty programme. Buzz International wanted to change that narrative by creating an extremely user friendly digital reward programme that every small - medium business can afford.

Buzz Digital Rewards Programme

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Buzz WebTools

Buzz WebTools is a solution business owners use to digitally communicate with their website visitors, clients, patients or guests. Live Chat is a far better way to communicate these days... The problem with live chat is, that when you miss that conversation for some reason, the client is gone and the chat can't be re-engaged. That's why we integrate all our chats thought the world's most loved, used and trusted chatting platform - WhatsApp.

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Strategy is King

We believe that every successful project, starts with a clear strategy. That is why, we based all our efforts on the following key pillars;

Value Proposition

Define a clear value proposition

Define your exact target audience

Target Audience

Be clear about the services you offer as well as

the products you sell


the perfect solution for your business

Buzz Marketing works closely with our clients and in case you do not have the right solutions, Buzz can help you create them

UX / UI Design

We are extremely strong at building both UX as well As UI interfaces

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HTML will continue to remain an important part of how we market online. Buzz pride ourselves to be some of the best in the business when it comes to properly utilising HTML and CSS as most projects require for a decent marketing agency to be experts when working with HTML and CSS

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Web Development goes hand in hand with digital or online marketing. We have years of experience when it comes to web development and know what it takes to create highly targeted and engaging websites as well as landing pages. These are the weapons businesses use to stand out in a very busy, highly competitive online world. The new digital era which has now become part of our day to day lives.

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Web Development

our digital marketing services

Social Media


Content is King, it's also very demanding. Talk to us and outsource all your content creation.

We offer attractive packages ranging from R9000 - R24500 per month.

It's important to not neglect your social channels.

Let Buzz International find a great strategy for your business which will help you rake in more qualified leads.

Social Media


Newsletters still remain a vital part of your marketing arsenal. Build a database and keep those subscribers up to date with new product launches, new services you offer.

Or simply just stay top of mind with your customers so they always think of you as and when they make important buying decisions.

Email Marketing

Paying for digital marketing is expensive, if you can have your website rank organically for the key word phrases people will search for to reach your business, then it's always great to rake in some free visitors to your website.

This can drastically offset your digital marketing budget and help you safe on expensive click - especially in a competitive environment



Google PPC


Google PPC advertising will forever have it's place. When a client goes to Google and search for a product or service you sell, it's imperative for your company / brand / product or service to show up.

We Create amazing websites, websites that don't just look extremely good, but also serves a purpose, solve some problems and bring you more business.

Web Development


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